If you are into collecting figures, we have the products for you right here! Our Chibi Snapz® are super fun figures that have suction cups on the bottom. snap them to anything! pencil toppers are perfect for the harry potter fanatic. puzzle palz are a great way to piece together your collection! each character comes in parts made of eraser material! these adorable characters come in over 100 styles and characters to collect! These figures come in multiple licenses that are in high demand.

Disney and Pixar have joined forces to combine their classic characters with the lovable Aliens from Toy Story! Alien Remix Chibi Snapz are small figures with suction cup bottoms. Stick them to anything and enjoy your favorite characters in a whole new way!

Hello Kitty & Friends are cuter than ever! Each Chibi Snapz capsule contains 2 characters! Their suction cup base can snap to anything! Collect the whole set of friends to add to your Sanrio friends!

Chibi Snapz are Back! All new characters like Captain America, Captain Marvel, Gray Hulk, Ghost-Spider, Iron Man MK 1, Miles Morales, Rocket Raccoon and Thor are here! Snap them to anything with their suction cup base!

Enter the Spiderverse with an all Spider-man Chibi Snapz set! Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Ghost-SPider, Iron Spider, Spider-Girl, Venom and Symbiote Spider-Man are ready to help you keep the neighborhood safe. Collect all 8 characters and save the world with your favorite webslingers.

I am ready… for some Chibi Snapz®! Use their suction cup base to snap them to anything! SpongeBob, Fry Cook SpongeBob, Patrick, Gary, Squidward, Plankton, Sandy and even Mr. Krabs are ready to party! Collect all 8 of the Bikini Bottom gang!

You better see it and believe it! Your favorite Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas characters are now Chibi Snapz! Use their suction cup base to snap them to anything! Join in the spooky fun and collect all the characters! Watch out for Glow in the Dark Oogie Boogie!

Harry Potter fans will be spellbound by these Pencil Toppers. Each blind bag contains 1 pencil topper character from the film series. Fans can collect 14 characters from the series. Look for the glow in the dark characters and the rare furry Hagrid!

you aren't seeing things! you will be mystified by our Series 4 Pencil Toppers. Fans can collect 14 characters from the movies. Be on the lookout for the Death Eater, the Weasleys with their translucent orange hair and a furry Fang!

Accio Pencil Toppers! Harry Potter Pencil Toppers are back for Series 5 with new fan favorites to collect! 14 magical characters to collect! Be on the lookout for limited edition Furry Pigwidgeon!

Oh boy, dreams do come true! Mickey & Friends Puzzle Palz are cute 2-inch easer figures that you build from the pieces! Each capsule contains 2 Puzzle Palz! Collect Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and the rest of this classic gang.

Disney Princess Puzzle Palz are here and cuter than ever! Each capsule contains 2 Puzzle Palz! Build your princess from the pieces. Collect Aurora, Rapunzel, Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel & Belle! Who will you get?!

Ant-Man, Black Panther, Black Widow, Captain America, Groot, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor are here to save the day! Be a marvel hero of your own by piecing together these super cute palz. Each Puzzle pal is made from eraser material, and they actually erase! Collect them all!

Remember…with great power comes great…Puzzle Palz?! Collect Iron Spider, Rhino, Miles Morales, Dr. Octopus, Venom, Carnage, SPider-GIrl and 2099. Build your character from the pieces! Which characters will you get?!

Paw Patrol is on a roll with their new Puzzle Palz eraser series! Collect all 8 and make sure these Mighty Pups are ready to go, go go! It might take some time to reassemble them all, but no job is too big and no pup is too small!

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